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Winter Blues

Weather got you feeling down? Feeling extra sluggish after the holidays? It’s that time of the year where many of us get in a rut. Check out these tips to make it through this never-ending season feeling happy & healthy

  1. Eat when hungry Your body needs enough energy to get through the long days. Maintaining metabolism keeps the body in check. Be in tune with your body & trust yourself. Remember, food is fuel.

  2. Don’t overeat While keeping the above in mind, it is also crucial not to put on too much weight during the winter season. It’s easy to slack off & not worry about your body as much during this time, but this can negatively affect your health for years to come. Ask yourself how hungry you are & consider saving the rest for later.

  3. Include plenty of fruits & vegetables Fresh produce is still available during the winter- make it a goal to visit the Regional Market. Eating the Rainbow is still important when it’s gloomy out. Fruits & veggies will provide vitamins & minerals which boost immunity to prevent getting sick when everyone else is sneezing.

  4. Incorporate lean protein, whole grains, & healthy fats A balanced diet is vital all year round to sustain the nutrients our bodies need. It’ll also help keep you full longer. Search seasonal recipes online or get ideas at the market.

  5. Consider a Vitamin D supplement If you simply cannot get enough from diet alone, you may need some extra help while the sun is more of a rare occurrence.

  6. Don’t forget about fluids It’s easy to become dehydrated when thirst may not be thought about while being so cold all the time. Keep drinking water & don’t over-do the sugary coffee drinks.

  1. Make time to exercise Make it a priority to be physically active even when all you want to do is go home & curl up on the couch. Many gyms offer reduced price memberships for the new year. You’ll thank yourself later for the mood lift.

  2. Sleep Get in a routine to ensure you get adequate rest.

  3. Manage stress Do not ignore mental health. Try yoga, meditation, writing, whatever you enjoy.

Make it your personal mission to function at your best no matter what the weather!

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