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"Eating Local": Defined

We've all read menus that proudly proclaim "Locally sourced" on the back and thought to ourselves "okay, and that means what?". When referring to our food/beverage sources, “local” is ill defined. Some companies define local food/beverages as anything that comes from 25-50 miles to upwards of 400 miles.

Essentially it’s up to the consumer to decide what they consider local. In the Syracuse area there are a few restaurants that source locally and proudly proclaim on their menu where their products came from.

The Evergreen


Arad Evan

The Inn Between

The Mission… just to name a few*

*not all foods/beverages… let’s face it, NY is not well known for plentiful avocado trees.

The best way to become familiar with the local eating scene is to research farms, butchers, and dairies in your area. A quick Google search of local farms will yield dozens of results. There is a shift in focus to being more responsible consumers, and it is important to realize this extends to everything beyond the home.

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