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How to Run for Office

Below are descriptions for the different positions available to members who wish to gain leadership experience and network with other dietitians. Please indicate your area of interest on the annual membership form. For more detailed descriptions of positions or to express your interest, please contact us!


Elected Positions

Become an elected officer for CNYAND! Join us for a Board of Director's meeting to learn more. Elected positions are eligible to receive AND dues reimbursement at the successful completion of their elected term. 


  • President: Become the chief executive officer for CNYAND and implement the strategic plans for our group. Serves for one year as president, and one year following as Immediate Past President. 

  • President-Elect: Serve on our board of directors under the tutelage of the currently elected president. Serves for one year, and then one year following as president.

  • Secretary: Be responsible for our meeting minutes, collect dues, validate ballots and reports our election results. Serves for two years.

  • Treasurer: Present a budget annually and provide monthly & quarterly financial reports. Serves for two years.

  • Professional Issues Co-Chairs: Implement district programs consistent with the president’s strategic plan. Serves for two years.

  • Nominating Committee Chair: Prepare our election ballot and submit a slate of candidates to the board of directors for a vote, with the help of a committee. Serves for one year. 



Appointed Positions

Appointed positions are filled by CNYAND members who volunteer or are invited to fill a specific position by the President or a Committee Chair and accept. May be subject to BOD approval.

  • Website Liaison: Maintains and performs all updates to the CNYAND website including events and news. One year term, with no limitation on renewal.

  • Public Policy Coordinator: Monitors legislative activity of interest to the CNYAND membership at the local, state, and national level. Informs/educates the BOD and membership on nutrition and dietetics related activities including reimbursement issues. Two year term with no limitation on renewal.

  • Public Relations Chair: Plans all public relations and publicity activities. Responsible for all CNYAND social media accounts including Facebook & Twitter. One year term with no limitation on renewal.

  • National Nutrition Month Chair: Plans and coordinates all official National Nutrition Month activities and events for CNYAND. Promotes the practice of dietetics, the registered dietitian and dietetic technician as nutrition professionals, and healthy eating and lifestyle choices for the public. Serves for one year, with no limitation on renewal.

  • Membership Chair: Compile and publish the membership directory, send out e-blasts from NYSAND and CNYAND. Serves for two years.

  • Reimbursement Chair: Serves as the liaison between the NYSAND Reimbursement Chair and CNYAND to initiate activities related to reimbursement for nutrition services. Serves for one year, no limitations on renewal. 

  • Student Representative: Acts as liaison between CNYAND and local schools. Promotes membership to students. Organizes networking events between students and nutrition professionals. Serves for one year. 

  • By-Laws Chair: Serves as advisor to the board and membership on matters pertaining to the bylaws.Updates or amends the bylaws to include revisions that pass the vote of the board, with submission to the NYSAND Bylaws Chair for approval. Serves for one year, no limitations on renewal.

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