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NYSAND is working on a social media campaign to promote Therapeutic Diet Order legislation, #TDOisthewaytogo. NYSAND is asking the districts to participate and promote among our members.
The campaign is a two-pronged approach - CNYAND will be sharing messaging on our district social media platforms and we are encouraging you, our members, to share it on your personal social media pages. Attached are the graphics. 

1. The graphic with the large text on it can be used to accompany a social media message about TDO. NYSAND and CNYAND will be using this one on the organizational social media pages, but please also share this graphic on your personal pages. Please like it on the CNYAND pages when you see it!
2. The blank graphic (either color or B&W) is for you to write your own message (either electronically or by printing it out). The message should be related to what TDO is, how having TDO would impact your job personally, how TDO benefits patients, etc. The graphic can then be shared on your own social media pages directly, or you could take a photo of yourself holding up the graphic and then post the picture.

When you share these on social media, please remember to tag NYSAND, CNYAND and also include #TDOisthewaytogo!



NYSAND is seeking concise snapshots of your MNT Success stories to share in a social media and grassroots lobbying campaign. Think of these stories as "MN-Tweets" and try to keep them as direct as possible.  We want to demonstrate the outcomes of MNT to these decision-makers and hearing directly from you is important!  These stories or snapshots of your successes can include positive outcomes or patient/client testimonials (* no PHI). This effort by NYSAND is to engage and show NYS Legislators that dietitians are vital to the healthcare continuum.

Access the MNT and Me Form Here.

How Do I Advocate for Nutrition and Dietetics?




We are sending this Action Alert on behalf of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Make your voice heard and take action today!

NEW! Prioritize Nutrition and Health Equity in Communities Across the Country

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of good nutrition and the impact of nutrition insecurity, magnifying the health disparities long-faced by underrepresented communities due to systemic inequities that have manifested in reduced access to health care, healthy food and safe places to be active. Support the Build Back Better Act here.

NEW! Add Your Support to Ensuring Increased Access to Fruits and Vegetables

For almost 15 years, WIC’s Cash Value Benefit (CVB) has ensured that pregnant women, children and postpartum mothers have more access to fruits and vegetables. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress authorized the increase of the CVB from $9 per child and $11 per mother to $35 per child and adult. This increase has bolstered the availability of fruits and vegetables for WIC participants but is set to expire on September 30. Without action from Congress now 4.7 million children, pregnant women and postpartum mothers will experience a significant decrease in access to fruits and vegetables.  

Take action today and urge your members of Congress to increase WIC’s Cash Value Benefit program, click here for more!  

Support Healthy School Meals for All

Good nutrition and strong academic outcomes are inextricably linked. On the other hand, nutrition insecurity can have long-lasting negative impact on overall health and put children at higher risk for chronic diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the need to provide healthy school meals for ALL regardless of income, especially given its disproportionate impact on people with diet-related diseases and from racial and ethnic minority populations. Investing in school nutrition programs and our nation’s children is critical to help establish life-long healthy eating habits. 

The Universal School Meals Program Act of 2021 would permanently provide free breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack to all school children regardless of income, eliminate school meal debt and strengthen local economies by incentivizing local food procurement.

Support the School Food Modernization Act

This act would expand schools' ability to modernize kitchen infrastructure and equipment, strengthen workforce training and support emergency preparedness for the future. By providing the tools school nutrition professionals need in order to serve healthy meals, this legislation improves food access for students and provides a means to establish life-long healthy eating habits that may lead to the prevention of diet-related diseases that have a disproportionate impact on low-income communities and communities of color.

Below is a short video about completing Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Action Alerts, created by the NYSAND Student PPC, Heather Falise. It's a great tutorial for anyone who is unsure how to take part in the Action Alerts, and it shows how easy it is once you learn!

To stay connected with the Academy’s action alerts and legislative updates, enroll by texting "eatright" to 50457You also may opt in by marking the “send me text alerts” box whenever you respond to an action alert. If you previously marked this box, you are already subscribed and do not need to sign up again.