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SU Dietetic Interns 2022 - 2023

Olivia Mancabelli

Olivia Mancabelli is a Syracuse local and an enthusiastic addition to Syracuse University’s cohort of dietetic interns this year. Olivia earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a minor in human development from SUNY Geneseo. Olivia’s interest in food and nutrition stems from before her undergraduate career, however while at Geneseo, she developed an interest in the relationship between nutrition and child development. Olivia went on to earn her Master of Arts in nutrition science from Syracuse University. At this time, Olivia became an involved member of the Central New York Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, serving as the Public Relations and Social Media Chair since June 2021. Olivia is excited to complete her dietetic internship at Syracuse University and strives to learn more about new areas of nutrition and to make an impact in the field. In her free time, Olivia loves reading, hiking, kayaking, and attending concerts and music festivals.

Asmaa Bukhari

Asmaa Bukhari studied clinical nutrition for her undergraduate degree at Taibah University in Saudi Arabia, followed by a Master of Art in nutrition science at Syracuse University. Her interest in nutrition stemmed from three different areas of her life; her love of science, cultures, and food. Her goal is to diversify the dietetic professions in order for dietitians to be more informed about various food and cultural practices that will benefit their clients from different cultural backgrounds. Lastly, she enjoys cooking and hiking in her leisure time.

Rebecca Garofano

Rebecca, a Syracuse native, graduated from Calvin university with a degree in sociology and community development. Since then, she has gone on to receive a MS in nutrition science here at Syracuse university. For the past two years, she has been working at an organization called Food Dignity, where she spends her time writing curriculum and illustrates for their podcast. Although Rebecca has experience in agriculture and nonprofit work, she is most looking forward to gaining more knowledge during the DI, especially in oncology. When she is not busy with the world of nutrition, Rebecca loves spending time with her family including long bike rides with her kids.

Madison Baker

Maddy is currently a dietetic intern with Syracuse University. She is originally from Washington, CT. Maddy completed her undergraduate work at Syracuse University, earning a Bachelor of Science in nutrition in May of 2022. Maddy has always been passionate about nutrition science and dietetics. Back in high school, she had the opportunity to shadow a bariatric surgery dietitian. Since, Maddy has had a dream of becoming a registered dietitian herself, hoping to work in either a community-based setting or in counseling. She has previous experience working with children and hopes to continue working with them in the future. Through the internship, she hopes to learn about other areas of the field and gain more insight and experience. In her free time, Maddy enjoys cooking and baking as well as getting outdoors for walks, to hike, and to explore new terrain. Good luck this year, Maddy!

Shenna Tyer

Shenna Tyer grew up in Lee, Massachusetts. She has a bachelor's in dietetics, nutrition & food sciences and a master's degree in nutrition and food science from the University of Vermont. At a young age, she found her love for sports and played volleyball and ran track & field in high school. She realized the effect of nutrition on athletes' performance, and from that, her passion for nutrition started. As a former sportsperson, Shenna loves to work out whenever she has free time and read books. Shenna is excited about the internship at Syracuse University and hopes to come out as an even better person than she started.

Natalie Krisa

The Syracuse University Dietetic Internship program is excited to welcome Natalie Krisa to the incoming 2022-’23 cohort. Natalie grew up in Roseville, a city located within the metropolitan area of Sacramento, California. She completed her Bachelor of Science in nutrition and food science at Chico State in Northern California. One of Natalie’s favorite activities as a student was helping to lead and teach at Chico State’s “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Food Lab,” a space where students living with autism could engage with culinary nutrition classes. Community nutrition and dietetics are an area Natalie has long been interested in and passionate about. In her free time Natalie enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching baseball, and participating in various types of arts and culture. In the context of a big cross-country move from California to New York State, Natalie is looking forward to Syracuse University’s dietetic internship as an opportunity to grow and be stretched, as well as build confidence in new areas of dietetic practice.

Maureen Philzone

Maureen Philzone was born in Long Beach, New York and lived there until she was 18. She is very friendly and has a positive outlook on life which shines through. After her mom mentioned the idea of majoring in nutrition, she started researching it. She then decided to go to Arizona State University to pursue a degree in nutrition and dietetics. During her studies, she found her knowledge of nutrition helping her family. After graduating she continued helping others and decided to become a health coach. This helped her gain experience and confidence. She is currently an intern at Syracuse University. During her free time, she loved to play the ukulele and sing. She has had a lifetime goal of continuing to learn and working on her professional growth.

Jennifer Pope

Jenn Pope joins the Syracuse University dietetic internship after being born and raised in Crockett, California, a suburb in the Bay Area. In the beginning of her undergraduate studies, she found herself gravitating towards several different majors. However, her first collegiate-level nutrition class is when it clicked, and she began her path to become a registered dietitian. Jenn completed her bachelor’s degree in nutrition science and dietetics from San Francisco State University. Prior to joining the internship, she worked as a nutrition partner at Kaiser Permanente in Antioch, California. After passing the RD exam, Jenn ultimately would love to become specialized in digestive disorders due to her own personal experience and help those who may have the same questions and concerns that she once had. In her free time, Jenn enjoys playing music as a creative outlet. She especially loves to play classical music on the piano and the marimba.

Dahabo Farah

Dahabo Farah was born in Kenya and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004 before residing in Syracuse, New York, Apr. 15th, 2006. By 2016, Dahabo had completed her general studies coursework at Onondaga Community College, where she then continued her education at Syracuse University. She started her journey as a Pre-med student to become a pediatrician, but that began to change when she completed a course in general nutrition. After that one class, Dahabo decided to change her major to nutrition and dietetics. She has since then graduated and is currently a dietetic intern at Syracuse University. Dahabo recently worked at WIC, a supplemental nutrition program that provides counseling and education for low-income women, infants, and children. This program provides nutrition education and additional food packages to help participants meet an adequate nutritional intake. Through this position, Dahabo became more excited about her future career as a registered dietitian. Outside of her studies and work life, Dahabo dedicates her free time to trying out new restaurants, spending quality time with her family, and volunteering to give back to the community. Dahabo’ s goal this year is to become a registered dietitian by 2023 and to continue making positive changes wherever life takes her!

Sydney Teeter

Sydney Teeter is a current Syracuse University dietetic intern who is originally from Auburn, New York. Before finding her passion in dietetics, Sydney has an impressive amount of education in other majors. She attended Limestone University in South Carolina where she received her bachelor’s degree in history and pre-law. She earned her master’s degree in history at SUNY Cortland in New York. Sydney then discovered nutrition and dietetics due to personal health issues related to nutrition. This ultimately led her to dietetics to improve her own health status and others in a similar situation. She completed her undergraduate degree in food and nutrition at University of Alabama through their distance program. While completing this program, she lived in Columbus, Ohio for one year and worked at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital before moving back to Auburn. As a future registered dietitian, her goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle on a budget in her community. In her free time, Sydney loves to spend time with her dog, Nix, and take her on walks.

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